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Trex Decking Prices

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Trex Decking Prices

Trex decking products are comprised of 95% recycled products. Some of the recycled materials include sawdust, reclaimed wood and plastics from household packaging such as grocery bags or plastic wrappers. Trex is one of the largest recycling companies in the U.S. and it is only growing.

As we move to a more green earth, so to do our decks. See what trex decks cost and once you're ready to install, get in touch with local decking contractors.

Table of Contents

  1. Trex Costs
  2. Trex Decking Cost Factors
  3. How to Decrease Your Trex Decking Cost
  4. Grades of Trex Decking
  5. Trex Deck Accessories
  6. Early Generation Deck Materials
  7. Benefits of Trex Decking Materials
  8. Drawbacks of Trex Decking Materials
  9. Trex Deck Colors
  10. Proper Care & Maintenance
  11. Trex Decks Vs. Wood Decks
  12. Residential & Commercial Uses
  13. Find A Pro

Trex Costs

  • The total project cost for a Trex deck ranges between $1,500 and $2,200 for a 250sf deck.
  • Trex Select of basic quality averages approximately $7/sf
  • Trex Enhance of higher quality is approximately $8/sf
  • Trex Transcend, the highest grade, ranges between $9/sf and $9.50/sf

Trex Decking Cost Factors

Trex Decking Cost Factors

There are a few factors that can increase or decrease your total Trex decking price. First and foremost, the deck material will play the largest role. If you want to keep costs down, go with Trex Select.

The next biggest factor is time and labor. If you hire a decking professional, they have a right to charge however much they want and as such, not all pros will request the same price. Needless to say, you could forgo any labor cost and install the deck yourself. It’s not a short project, but you could save thousands in the process.

Homeowners will also pay more if you opt for extra accessories such as extra platforms, specialized railings or benches. Additionally, certain climates require different Trex liners, all of which will adjust your total trex decking cost per square foot.

Finally, as is the case with all professions, permits and seasonality can affect the total cost. If you want to save, pull the permits yourself and try to install your deck in the winter or late fall. 

How to Decrease Your Trex Decking Cost

Those of you looking to save on your overall Trex composite decking installation cost, consider the following options:

  • Do it yourself
  • Hire deck builder in winter or late fall
  • Pull all necessary permits yourself
  • If you do hire a pro, help them out when needed
  • Limit extra accessories
  • Add more colors to accomplish the look of an enhanced deck

Grades of Trex Decking

Trex has several lines of decking products available. Each has different performance levels, style choices and price points. The lowest grade is the Trex Select, the most affordable decking and railing system, which has an outer shell that increases resistance to mold and mildew. The color of the decking material and railing can be modified to suit a variety of home styles.

The second-tier products include Trex Enhance decking material and Trex Reveal railing. While slightly higher priced than the Select grade, Enhance offers fade and stain resistance in addition to anti-mold and mildew properties. Trex Reveal railings are made of aluminum and can be used with any of the Trex decks. They can also be used around patios or for other railing applications. 

Both decking and railing is available with the Trex Transcend product line. As the premium tier product, it’s slightly more costly than the other lines, but it comes with many more benefits. Transcend decking is available in a large range of colors and finishes, including tropical colors. There is also a variety of railing styles so you have plenty of options for customization. This product is produced with an outer shell that offers mold, mildew and fade resistance, as well as protection from stains and scratches.

Grades of Trex Decking

Trex Deck Accessories

Trex also offers other products to be used with their decking materials. Chief among these is Trex Elevations, a framing system made of steel. It is designed as a strong alternative to wood frames that offers straighter construction and more structural stability than wood. Other benefits include fire resistance and the ability to use longer distances between support posts.

Trex RainEscape, another product homeowners can use with their Trex decks, is a system of flexible gutters that help channel water away from a deck rather than pooling underneath the surface.

Early Generation Deck Materials

Prior to 2014, Trex manufactured several other lines of decking material, including: 

  • Contours
  • Profiles
  • Brasilia
  • Origins
  • Accents

Manufacture of these products was discontinued in 2014 in favor of the new generation of Trex decking. The difference between what Trex terms its "early generation" products and the newer lines is that the early generation decking materials did not come with the protective shell that offers mold, stain and fade resistance. Homeowners can expect any of the early generation products to weather somewhat, but they should achieve their final color after 12 to 16 weeks of use. 

Benefits of Trex Decking Materials

Trex decks offer several benefits to homeowners over more traditional decking methods and materials.

  • Weigh as much as 50%-70% more than lumber of the same dimensions, making Trex a very solid material
  • Stay cooler than wood of the same color on a hot day
  • Can be cut, routed and grooved in all the same ways as wood boards
  • Can be cut into uniquely curved deck designs not achievable with conventional deck building practices by using the Trex CustomCurve system
  • Offer an eco-friendly way to have the look of exotic wood without harvesting endangered species 

Trex Costs

Drawbacks of Trex Decking Materials

On the other hand, there are of course some disadvantages of Trex composite decking; specifically, when compared to the traditional wood deck.

  • Trex, and most composite decks, are usually more expensive than wood decks
  • Trex decks can not be refinished, so you better fall in love with the color before installation
  • If damaged, you can not sand, so replacement may be necessary
  • Color can fade over time

Trex Deck Colors

Moving into the design phase, Trex decks come in a wide array of colors. While you have more options with real wood, there are plenty of Trex color options for nearly every deck design.

  • Beach Dune
  • Clam Shell
  • Fire Pit
  • Gravel Path
  • Havana Gold
  • Island Mist
  • Lava Rock
  • Madeira
  • Pebble Gray
  • Rope Swing
  • Saddle
  • Spiced Rum
  • Tiki Torch
  • Tree House
  • Vintage Lantern
  • Winchester Gray
  • Woodland Brown

Proper Care & Maintenance

Trex cannot be sanded, and the early generation materials cannot be power-washed. Trex Transcend, Enhance and Select can all be power-washed at up to 3100 PSI with a fan tip. For the most part, Trex products will only require cleaning with soap and water. In addition, it’s safe to use salt on Trex to melt snow or ice, although the residue should be rinsed away as weather permits. Trex recommends the use of plastic snow shovels over metal to avoid chipping the deck and potentially voiding the warranty.

Trex Deck Colors

Trex Decks Vs. Wood Decks

In the world of decks, most homeowners go with wood. Whether it’s a maple, cedar or pine deck, they all provide a classic design we all love. Nonetheless, Trex decks, and all composite decks, would not be in business if it didn’t provide a unique difference to backyards around the country.

Below are a few of the major differences between all Trex and wood decks.

  • Trex decks require little maintenance. Wood decks require consistent care.
  • Trex decks are a bit more expensive than wood decks.
  • Most people prefer the design of wood, but more often than not, Trex can easily duplicate the beauty of a wood deck.
  • Trex decks are eco-friendly, used from recycled materials. Wood deck are not.
  • The new models of Trex decks are mold, stain and fade resistant. Many wood decks are not.
  • You can not seal, sand or paint Trex decks. Wood decks require sealing.

Residential & Commercial Uses

Trex products are suitable for both residential and commercial uses, and they have been gaining popularity over the years. Recently, Trex products have been used to replace boardwalks in New Jersey, at Mt. Rushmore and at other high-traffic locations.

Find A Pro

If you have the resources and want to enhance your backyard, consider adding a deck. If you want an option that costs a little more, but requires less maintenance, Trex decking is a terrific choice.

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