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How Much Does It Cost To Install A Flat Screen TV?

Most homeowners spend between $215 to $309 nationally.
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Having a beautiful, brand-new flat screen TV installed in your home not only makes your home more visually pleasing, but also adds a new dimension of entertainment for you and your family. Typically, TVs sat on cabinets or consoles, but mounting a flat screen TV is the new norm.

Mounting your TV does create more of a project than setting it on a cabinet, but the added space you create and increase visual aesthetics are worth the time and money. Let ImproveNet help you connect with local contractors to help you with your TV Installation project!

National Install a Flat Screen TV Costs

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National Average Cost $280
Minimum Cost $54
Maximum Cost $619
Average Range $215 to $309
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Table of Contents

  1. Cost Of Mounting TV
  2. TV Accessories & Cost
  3. Popular TV Brands & Cost
  4. What Do You Need Installed?
  5. Where Should You Install Your TV
  6. Home Theater
  7. Hiring The Right Contractor
  8. Find Local Contractors

Cost Of Mounting TV

The cost of mounting your flat screen TV will vary depending on a few factors. The main cost factor is whether you hire a handyman or a TV-mounting company. Many handymen charge an hourly rate for their work, while TV-mounting companies or retailers such as Best Buy, have installation fees based on the TV and work required.

The average cost to install a flat screen TV is $280, depending on any extra work required. There will be two parts to this installation process. The first will be the installation of the TV mount and TV itself, which is an easy project. Next, will be the installation of all the technical accessories and the wiring. This is where it gets more complex and expensive.

Most homeowners opt to have their wiring components concealed within the wall the TV is mounted on. This is a great option that enhances the look of your new TV and can help to avoid any tangles in the future. Expect to pay around $1,000 for this, as the electrician will have more difficult, time-consuming work.

Flat Screen TV Installation Cost

TV Accessories & Cost

Some accessories that might be required for your flat screen TV include HDMI cables, AV cables, and a surround sound system. It is smart to install the surround sound system during the installation of the TV. This will save you time, but will cost more for the additional work. You will need to provide the HDMI and AV cables. Your professional will know what to do with both cables. The average cost to install a surround sound system is $969. The cost of the HDMI and AV cables on average is around $20 for the cables themselves. The cost of labor will be included in your project estimate.

Popular TV Brands & Cost

There are many different brands available to consumers now that have made flat-screen TVs not only more inexpensive but more accessible to the average person. Flat screen TVs are generally made of LED technology as opposed to the plasma of the past, making them easier to manufacture and less expensive without any sacrifice of quality. For a 42-inch LED flat screen, you can expect to pay in the area of $500.

TV Brand

Overall Quality

















Most large electronic stores offer installation on their products, often at a discounted price. In this case, the store will deliver your new flat screen and mount it on the wall. This service can sometimes be more costly than hiring a handyman yourself, but it can also be the easiest way to get a new product installed. Choosing a wall mount for your TV can be difficult because there are many different types and sizes, and using the store's service ensures the right parts will be used.

If you have the option to let the store deliver and install your flat screen TV, expect to pay a couple hundred dollars for the service. Know that this extra cost will go toward the best possible installation and reduce the risk of damage or accidents. If the store does not offer the service, hire an experienced handyman for the job, preferably one willing to run the wires as well.

Cost Of Mounting TV

What Do You Need Installed?

The extent of your project will play a big factor in the final cost of your TV installation project. The most common addition to any TV installation is the wiring that comes with. You can either choose to hide your wires or let them fall from the mount. In some cases, a new outlet is necessary to support the location of your TV. This will add to the project cost, but will make concealing any wiring easier and it will look better.

Where Should You Install Your New TV

The location of your TV installation will impact the cost of your installation project. The location of your installation will affect the access, which will make the overall installation more difficult. The installation itself, as well as the wiring, will be more difficult to access and conceal. Place your TV in a place where it is easily visible from all angles and is at an appropriate height.

Home Theater

Some homeowners will go the extra mile for their entertainment areas and will install a home theater system instead of just a flat-screen TV and surround sound system. In this case, the cost to install a projector and all the extra components can increase the total cost of the project significantly. Expect to set aside around $500 just for the installation of the wiring components. That does not include the cost of the surround sound system or the TV/ projecting unit.

Cost To Hang TV On Wall

Hiring The Right Contractor

When it comes to your TV installation there will more than likely be two contractors hired. The first contractor you should hire is for your TV mount and TV installation. The second set of professionals you will need is an electrician to do all the wiring and concealing of the wires and cables. Depending on who you hire, you will either have to hire a separate electrician for the wiring components or your installer will know what to do with the wiring and cables.

Find a local contractor that is licensed and insured with their work. This will ensure quality work with no liability on your end, in case of accidents or injury. For a smaller project like this, most every handyman or electrician will have the right experience and knowledge for the job.

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Mounting and installing your flat screen TV can add so much pleasure to your life when entertaining guests or watching a movie with the family. Little additions like this can help to transform your living room or basement into feeling like you are at movies. The benefits of mounting your flat screen TV balance price, aesthetics and added entertainment.

Let ImproveNet help you connect with local contractors and get started on your flat screen TV installation and mounting project today!

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