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How Much Does a Standard Undermount Sink Cost?

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National Kitchen Remodeling Costs

$167 Minimum Cost
$236 Maximum Cost

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How Much Does a Standard Undermount Sink Cost?

Undermount sinks are one of the most popular kitchen sink designs installed in homes today. There are many reasons why homeowners choose this style for their kitchen renovation projects. They're available in a variety of colors and finishes to match any type of classic or modernized kitchen décor. These sinks go well with solid surface countertops including those made of hard stone, quartz, marble or concrete. The sinks are very desirable because they offer a wide range of benefits to homeowners over conventional drop-in sinks.

The Costs

  • Minimum: $167

  • Maximum: $236

The Design of Undermount Sinks

The seamless design of these sinks creates a luxurious look that will compliment a brand new countertop installation. They can also give an older counter a brand new look and may be customized in many different ways to make the sink more functional. Before choosing to install an undermount sink, it is a good idea for homeowners to learn why they should upgrade from their standard drop-in and invest their money into having this new conventional type of kitchen sink installed.

The Difference Between Drop-In Sinks and Undermount Sinks

Drop-in sinks can be found in nearly 90 percent of all kitchens. They are affordable, easy to install and simple to replace if damaged. These sinks are installed exactly as the name implies. They drop down into a hole that has been cut out on the countertop and are supported by the lip that is visible from the top. The hole does not have to be any particular size, just large enough for the sink to fit securely.

Undermount sinks are different because they require a custom size hole to be cut into the countertop before they can be installed. This can make them more difficult to replace because a new sink must be able to fit into the custom hole. The easiest way to tell the difference between an undermount sink and a drop-in is to look underneath the countertop. An undermount sink will be hanging down and it will not have a lip sitting on top of the counter providing support. Most undermount sinks will not have pre-drilled holes in the back for the faucet. Instead of mounting to the sink, the faucet can be placed behind, on the side or anywhere near the sink that makes it more convenient.

Materials Used for the Construction or Installation

Undermount sinks are designed to be used with solid surface countertops such as granite, soapstone, marble or concrete. They are not made for other types of counters like laminate or tile. These materials can have weak areas along the seams and grout lines that will not be able to support the weight of the sink. The majority of undermount sinks are made of stainless steel construction, but some are made from other materials such as acrylic, copper or hammered nickel. Multiple colors and finishes are available including brass, chrome, pewter and rattan wood, so that homeowners can install a sink that coordinates well with their other kitchen décor. Styles can range from contemporary to early American and traditional.

Average Costs for Various Grades of Undermount Sinks

Undermount sinks can range in price from budget-friendly to high-end expensive. Value priced materials for one unit can be purchased at most do-it-yourself retail stores for between $79 and $112. Contractor-grade materials can be slightly higher with a price range of $108 up to $152. Value grade materials average between $167 and $236, while designer undermount sinks can range from $584 to $789 or more.

Pros and Cons of Installing an Undermount Sink

Homeowners who are interested in upgrading their kitchen may consider replacing their drop-in with an undermount sink. Before doing so, it is important that they understand the pros and cons associated with this type of sink, so that they can decide if they are making the best choice for their remodeling project.

Advantages of an Undermount Sink

  • Adds aesthetic value to a home

  • Add more functionality to the kitchen sink

  • Can be easier to clean and maintain depending on style

  • Food and debris from the counter will not get stuck under the lip since none is present

  • Sinks can have a minimalistic or luxurious style

  • Freedom to choose where the faucet will sit, making it more convenient for the person using it

  • Food can be slid from the counter to the sink without causing an additional mess

  • Multiple colors, styles and material types are available

Disadvantages of an Undermount Sink

  • Can be more expensive than the standard drop-in sink

  • Difficult to replace or repair

  • Requires a custom size hole to be made in the countertop

  • Water can spill out onto the countertop

  • Adhesives that hold the sink in place may not be waterproof, causing the sink to fall

  • Must be installed correctly to avoid future issues, which means a professional may need to be hired for the job

Undermount sinks can add beauty and personalization to any type of kitchen. While most have a sleek contemporary look, these sinks are available in various styles that will coordinate with traditional kitchen designs. Most sinks are made from durable stainless steel; however, other materials such as nickel, copper and acrylic are also commonly used.

Many homeowners favor this type of sink design because there are so many customized options available. The faucet does not have to sit directly on the sink basin, which means that it can be placed behind the bowl, to the side or practically anywhere the user wants it to be. Drop-in sinks do not provide this unique option.

Homeowners interested in this type of sink upgrade should take the time to learn about the many options available to them, so that they can make a decision based on their personal preferences as well as their budget. The best time to install an undermount sink is when a new kitchen countertop is also being installed. This allows the individual to choose a sink design that matches the countertop and have the counter custom cut for the new sink.

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