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How Much Does it Cost to Upholster Furniture?

Most homeowners spend between $411 to $706 nationally.
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Upholstered furniture looks beautiful in a home, but the fabrics can become worn, damaged or faded over time. Reupholstering gives furniture a fresh, new look. Although some homeowners choose to tackle their own upholstery projects, others turn to experts. Regardless, you should know the upholstery costs, how to find local upholstery pros, and what upholstering entails before embarking on the process.

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National Upholster Furniture Costs

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National Average Cost $622
Minimum Cost $60
Maximum Cost $1,500
Average Range $411 to $706
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Table of Contents

  1. Furniture Upholstery Cost
  2. Furniture Upholstery Cost Factors
  3. Couch Vs. Chair Upholstery
  4. Where To Find Furniture Upholstery Pros?
  5. Reupholster Or Replace Furniture?
  6. DIY Or Hire A Pro?
  7. How To Upholster Furniture
  8. Types Of Furniture To Upholster
  9. Find A Pro

Furniture Upholstery Cost

Sometimes, upholstered furniture just needs a good cleaning, which can be much less expensive than replacing the fabric. Prices for upholstery cleaning range between $60 and $300, and prices for reupholstering furniture range between $150 and $1,500 depending on a number of factors. On average, homeowners pay about $650 for professional upholstery work.

Furniture Upholstery Cost Factors

Furniture Upholstery Cost Factors

Costs for furniture upholstery depend on the type of furniture, the fabric and the amount of work involved. Small pieces are less expensive to reupholster than large pieces, and unadorned furniture is less costly than pieces with nail-head trim, buttons or other embellishments. Upholstery fabric ranges from about $30 per yard for fabrics like linen weave to as much as $200 per yard for fine fabrics like velvet.

People needing upholstery on more than one piece of furniture may receive special rates for bundling all pieces together in one job. The cost to transport furniture is often built into the company's price, but some homeowners can avoid this extra cost with DIY transport.

Couch Vs. Chair Upholstery

Although the processes are similar, couches require more fabric and completion time than chairs, so upholstery costs are higher. It takes about 16 yards of fabric to reupholster a standard couch and about 7 yards of fabric to reupholster a standard armchair.

Where To Find Furniture Upholstery Pros

Where To Find Furniture Upholstery Pros?

Homeowners looking for upholstery professionals can search through their local phone book or submit a lead on ImproveNet. To hire the most qualified professionals at the best possible price, customers should inquire about the following topics:

  • How long the company has been in business
  • If the company is licensed and insured
  • If the company can provide references
  • If the company provides a written estimate and a time frame for completion of the job
  • What the company charges and services included
  • What is expected in terms of payment
  • If the company provides a written contract
  • Whether customers can supply their own fabric and other design elements in exchange for a reduced cost
  • If the company offers a guarantee for its work

Reupholster Or Replace Furniture?

It can be difficult to know whether to reupholster furniture or replace it. Homeowners struggling with the decision to reupholster or replace furniture should consider the history of the piece including its age, original cost and quality of craftsmanship. Other important considerations include sentimental value, the current condition of the furniture and whether the piece requires extra work like repair, cleaning, refinishing or painting.

How To Upholster Furniture

DIY Or Hire A Pro?

When it comes to DIY home improvement projects, reupholstering requires time and skill. While some homeowners enjoy the challenge of this type of work, others turn to professionals for help. A DIY project keeps more money in the bank, but enlisting the aid of a professional provides guaranteed satisfaction and an attractive result. Hiring a local professional also supports your city's economy. Although it may take several days to complete the work when doing a DIY project, professional upholstery can take from four to six weeks to complete.

How To Upholster Furniture

Before starting an upholstery project, homeowners should choose a quality piece of furniture made from solid wood. As opposed to less expensive materials like veneer or plywood, solid wood is durable and it maintains value over time. Make sure the piece is stable and doesn't require additional repair. Choose plenty of high-quality upholstery fabric, which is thicker and more durable than other fabrics. Assemble proper tools like a flat-head screwdriver, pliers, a hammer, a staple gun and staples, a sewing machine, fabric shears, cotton batting and any necessary buttons or piping. To complete DIY upholstery, follow these steps:

  1. Work carefully to remove the current fabric from the furniture by prying out any staples, tacks or screws with a flat-head screwdriver or butter knife. Make sure to remove any legs or feet, and set aside. Do not to cut the original upholstery fabric as it will be used to create a pattern with the new fabric. Cushions that don't have a zipper can be covered rather than removing the fabric.
  2. After removing fabric, clean any dirt, dust and/or grime before proceeding. Apply paint or stain if needed, and seal wood if necessary.
  3. Lay out all fabric removed from furniture, and make a note of the proper location for each piece. Spread out the new upholstery fabric and trace a pattern from each of the old pieces removed. With fabric shears, cut each new piece carefully, noting where it belongs on the furniture.
  4. Sew fabric when needed using the same sewing pattern as provided on the original fabric. Not all pieces will require sewing, but typically cushions, arm covers and pieces with corners will need to be sewn. Use a thread in a color that matches the fabric or a clear plastic thread. Using a serger along the edges helps to keep fabric from fraying.
  5. Fasten fabric to the furniture with staples, upholstery tacks or screws. Follow the original design of the furniture to determine what type of fastener to use. Taking one section at a time, match the new fabric to the proper location on the furniture piece. Make sure fabric has no gaps or wrinkles and fold the edges for a smooth finish before fastening to the wood. Make sure to add extra batting if needed before attaching the fabric.
  6. Add any extra design elements like buttons or piping. Re-attach feet or legs to the bottom of the furniture if needed. Inspect furniture thoroughly for any loose threads or other fixes. To ensure long-lasting enjoyment and an attractive appearance, cover new upholstery with a spray-on fabric protectant to help prevent stains.

Types Of Furniture To Upholster

Types Of Furniture To Upholster

Upholstery isn't just limited to chairs and sofas. A little upholstery fabric and padding can add charm and character to a home in many more ways. Additional types of upholstered items include:

  • Headboards
  • Benches
  • Stools & Ottomans
  • Dog Beds
  • Doors
  • Room Dividers
  • Picture Frames

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