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How Much Does It Cost to Clean Upholstery?

Most homeowners spend between $127 to $164 nationally.
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Everyone wants an attractive home, and furniture plays a big part. Proper cleaning and maintenance like vacuuming and spot cleaning keep furniture in good condition, but sometimes, furniture requires deeper cleaning. It helps to know the average costs for cleaning all types of furniture, from wood to upholstered pieces.

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National Clean Furniture Costs

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National Average Cost $155
Minimum Cost $51
Maximum Cost $300
Average Range $127 to $164
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Table of Contents

  1. Furniture Cleaning Costs
  2. Furniture Or Upholstery Cleaning Cost Factors
  3. When To Clean Furniture
  4. DIY Or Hire A Pro?
  5. How To Clean Furniture
  6. Sofa Cleaning Costs
  7. How To Clean A Couch
  8. Leather Furniture Cleaning Costs
  9. How To Clean Leather Furniture
  10. Wood Furniture Cleaning Costs
  11. How To Clean Wood Furniture
  12. Upholstered Cleaning Costs
  13. How To Clean Upholstered Furniture
  14. Find a Pro

Furniture Cleaning Costs

For small cleaning jobs, homeowners can get by with products purchased at the local home improvement store. Costs for professional cleaning depend on the type of materials used to manufacture the furniture in question. While the cost for cleaning upholstered furniture averages about $153, the average cost for cleaning leather furniture rises to about $335.

Furniture Cleaning Costs

Furniture Or Upholstery Cleaning Cost Factors

When furniture requires professional cleaning, homeowners want good service at a fair price. There are a variety of factors that influence costs for furniture cleaning. These include:

  • The number of pieces that require cleaning
  • The size of the piece
  • What the furniture is made of

When To Clean Furniture

In addition to performing necessary furniture repairs, you should also clean your furniture regularly to keep it looking its best. This means weekly vacuuming for upholstered pieces, regular dusting for wood and spot cleaning for leather. Annual deep cleaning for upholstery keeps the home clean, sanitized and furniture looking good.

DIY Or Hire A Pro?

When it comes to furniture cleaning, most homeowners can handle small spills, crumbs or dust on their own with store-bought cleaning products. Because deep cleaning usually requires the use of special equipment and knowledge, many homeowners prefer to hire a professional rather than opt for a DIY job. This is especially true when it comes to expensive furniture, antique items, or beloved handmade pieces.

Furniture Or Upholstery Cleaning Cost Factors

How To Clean Furniture

Due to busy schedules, many homeowners have little time for cleaning. Below are a few tips and tricks help make furniture cleaning easier and more efficient:

  • Use regular dish soap to spot-clean upholstery
  • Apply soap with a sponge and pat-dry with a cloth
  • For tough stains, allow the cleaner to sit for several minutes before scrubbing
  • Use compressed air for removing dust from upholstery tufting or button nooks
  • Use a soft microfiber cloth for cleaning leather furniture
  • Try a lamb's wool duster or just-damp cotton cloth to dust fine, wood furniture

Sofa Cleaning Costs

The larger the sofa, the more expensive the cleaning bill. People having a sofa professionally cleaned can expect to pay between $50 and $475 depending on size of the sofa and its material. Suede and leather sofas fall on the high end of the spectrum due to the cleaning process, chemicals and equipment used.

How To Clean Furniture

How To Clean A Couch

Homeowners can give a couch (or sofa) a thorough cleaning by following a few simple steps:

  1. Use a hand vacuum or a vacuum hose attachment to remove any dust or debris from the surface of the couch, and utilize vacuum attachments to clean inside crevices.
  2. In homes with pets, use a lint roller to remove any pet hair the vacuum misses.
  3. Wipe down any wooden surfaces with wood cleaner or dusting spray. Spray or pour the product into a cloth or towel instead of on the wood directly to avoid contact with upholstery.

Leather Furniture Cleaning Costs

Because of its high purchase price, leather furniture should be cleaned regularly to maintain its value. Professional cleaning costs for leather furniture depend on the type of leather used in manufacturing and the size of the piece. Typically, cleaning costs for a full-sized leather sofa fall between $195 and $475.

How To Clean Leather Furniture

Before proceeding with any cleaning of leather furniture, homeowners should check the tag for any special instructions from the manufacturer. A damp cloth may be all that is needed to spot clean leather, but saddle soap and leather cleaner work for tougher jobs. Dilute either product with warm water, and apply lightly with a cloth. Use a clean cloth or towel to pat dry.

Sofa Cleaning Costs

Wood Furniture Cleaning Costs

The costs for cleaning wood furniture depend on the method used. Many companies make convenient products that combine a cleaner and a polish in one. These generally sell for $10 or less. Some homeowners make their own recipes for wood cleaner utilizing products like turpentine, linseed oil or mineral spirits. The cost for these recipes depends on the particular products used.

How To Clean Wood Furniture

Cleaning wood furniture with a store-bought product just involves following the directions on the label. A few homemade recipes also make good wood furniture cleaners:

To make a hot wash, add two tablespoons of gum turpentine and four tablespoons of boiled linseed oil to a gallon of hot water. Turpentine helps remove any dirt, oils and built-up wax or polish. Linseed oil helps replenish wood for a beautiful finish. Wear rubber gloves to avoid burns. Dip a soft clean cloth into the mixture, wring out the excess and rub the surface of the wood to wash.

To clean with mineral spirits, just pour a little onto a clean soft cloth. Rub into the wood to dissolve grease and grime or a buildup of wax, polish or oil. Replenish the finish with a little lemon oil and a clean cloth.

Upholstered Cleaning Costs

Costs for professional upholstery cleaning depend on the type of fabric and the size of the furniture. The costs for cleaning upholstered furniture may be more expensive with fine fabrics like silk as opposed to cotton or polyester. Customers can expect to pay between $175 and $225 for upholstery cleaning with an average price of $200.

Leather Furniture Cleaning Costs

How To Clean Upholstered Furniture

The best way to maintain the appearance of upholstered furniture is through regular vacuuming. By keeping dust, dirt and crumbs from getting embedded into fabric fibers, vacuuming keeps upholstered pieces looking nice. When vacuuming, always check for loose threads or buttons and clip or repair. Use the brush attachment provided with the vacuum to cover the most surface and protect the fabric from damage. The long, thin attachment works well for cleaning crevices and corners.

Furniture owners with children or pets may want to invest in a soil retardant product to help prevent stains from dirt or spills. Just follow the instructions on the label to complete the job. Regular deep cleaning also helps to maintain the appearance of upholstered furniture. While some people opt for a DIY project, professional furniture cleaning always offers an attractive result. Upholstered furniture should be deep-cleaned every one or two years.

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