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Cost of Vetrazzo Countertops

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National Countertops Costs

$85 per sq. ft. Minimum Cost
$165 per sq. ft. Maximum Cost

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Additions & Remodels

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Additions & Remodels

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Cost of Vetrazzo Countertops

These countertops are not only gorgeous; they are earth-friendly with their use of the 3 Rs: reuse, reduce and recycle. More than 85% of the glass used in these countertops is reused and recycled. Instead of the glass being thrown into a landfill, it's harvested to create these unique looking work surfaces, which reduces waste. This is a way to create artful design while saving the planet’s natural resources, one broken bottle, jar or glass at a time.

The Costs

If you’ve ever wondered how much it would cost to install Vetrazzo countertops in your kitchen or bathroom, you’re not alone. Some ballpark figures for this beautiful material are as follows:

  • High Range: $165 per square foot for 1½ inch thickness

  • Medium Range: $125 per square foot for 1½ inch thickness

  • Low Range: $85 per square foot for 1½ inch thickness

The above figures are rough estimates purely for planning purposes, as the actual cost will vary greatly depending on several factors. It's always a wise move to contact an installer to get an exact quote for your home or business. Some reasons for price differences include the type of glass additives in your Vetrazzo countertop, thickness, custom shapes, backsplashes and edging. Your geographic location will also impact the bottom line in pricing, because labor, shipping charges and availability of materials will vary by region. Obtaining an in-person quote by a contractor will be your best bet in getting an exact figure for your countertop’s installation price tag.

Obtain Measurements

Because it’s crucial to know exactly how much countertop you’ll need in order to price-out your project, it’s important to accurately measure your space. Getting the right dimensions is a must, in order to purchase the correct amount of Vetrazzo countertop, so gather your supplies. You’ll need some graph paper, a pencil, a calculator, and a measuring tape. It’s also helpful if you have a friend assisting you in this process. Having a professional come to your property to generate the measurements can be an even better idea, as this can be a tricky math equation.

Once you’ve gathered your supplies, divide your counter space into basic square and rectangular shapes. Label each section and draw the aligning geometric shapes on your graph paper. If you have curves or odd-shaped sections, convert them into the basic geometric proportions for ease in tallying square footage.

Don’t forget to measure for the backsplash once you’ve decided whether yours will be the standard height of five inches or a bit taller. Some designs include backsplash all the way up to the bottom edge of the cupboards, while others have the traditional 5 inch edging.

Vetrazzo Ingredients

Some individuals wonder what goes into Vetrazzo to make it so durable, yet light-catching and spectacular looking. This material is similar to concrete in a way, in that the hard surface is a result of mixing cement, aggregates, and additives. As with concrete, cement is the glue-like portion of the mixture that holds the solid aggregates and additives together. In concrete, the solid additives may be rocks, sand, or pebbles, but in Vetrazzo, the solidity comes from recycled glass. Various colors of pigment are also on the ingredient list to give these countertops pop and pizzazz.

Eco-Friendly Countertops

Much of today’s architectural design focuses on green buildings and environmentally-friendly products. It’s hard to be alive on the planet today without noticing that Earth’s natural resources are dwindling. Every building project that is made with this thought in mind can go a long way in protecting our physical world – and Vetrazzo countertops are in this eco-conscious category. 

Where does all this broken glass come from? Surprisingly, it is harvested from curbs around the nation. If you are familiar with or participate in neighborhood recycling programs, you’ve seen the source around your town. Some glass may be clear or tinted from recycled windows, doors, automobiles, and/or scientific laboratories; other sources may be from jars or sea glass. Have you ever noticed the amber, green, or blue bottles that contain water, beer, and wine? These bottles’ shimmering glass shards end up in Vetrazzo, as well. There is a bit of history in every countertop.

Strength and Durability

Although glass seems fragile, it becomes very strong when mixed up with the other ingredients that comprise a slab of Vetrazzo countertop. This product has similar strength and durability as natural stone and granite. Of course, scratching can occur if harsh abrasives are used to clean this surface, but normal wear-and-tear shouldn’t impact its beauty much at all. This material is also resistant to hot and cold items, much like stone surfaces.

Colors to Match Your Style

No matter what colors you use in your residential or commercial decorating scheme, there is a Vetrazzo product to align with it. These countertops come in an entire rainbow of colors including ruby red, cobalt blue, Palladian gray, bistro green, and alehouse amber. For those who want the texture and aesthetic appearance of this material, but in a more neutral tone, there is even a hue called cubist clear.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Vetrazzo Countertops

There are many more positives than negatives when it comes to Vetrazzo countertops. To name a few pluses, the material creates a breathtaking artistic statement that sweeps through kitchens and bathrooms, which are the most frequently used rooms in a home. That’s plenty of eye candy and is a fantastic way to recycle stunning glass shards that would have otherwise ended up buried in a landfill. 

The only downsides may be that this product can be scratched by abrasive cleaners, and that it costs more than budget countertops such as laminates and synthetics. With a moderate amount of care, the counters should remain in tiptop shape, and for such an eye-dazzling visual statement, most homeowners and interior designers feel the cost is well worth it.

For homeowners who are planning a custom home or remodeling their existing dwelling, Vetrazzo countertops can be the perfect choice to transform their abode while saving the planet. Architects and interior designers who want to make memorable impressions, while protecting earthly resources, can do just that by incorporating this progressive material into their design plans.

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