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Vinyl Fence Pricing

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National Fencing Costs

$15 per ft. Minimum Cost
$30 per ft. Maximum Cost

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Vinyl Fence Pricing

There are a variety of reasons that an individual might want to install fencing around their property. Fences can create a more private environment for everyday life, and they can make it safer for children and pets to play in the garden or backyard without getting too close to the street or driveway. Fences can also act as a tool of separation between neighboring properties or as a barrier to keep unwanted animals out. Whatever the reason for wanting a fence, homeowners beginning such a project will need to choose from the multiple materials on the market. Vinyl fencing is a popular option, and this guide will explain its benefits and the types of vinyl fencing that can be selected.

  • The price of vinyl fencing material ranges from $15 to $30 per linear foot.
  • Vinyl picket fences are cheapest at $15-$20 per linear foot.
  • Vinyl privacy fences are more costly at $19-$30 per linear foot.
  • The price of vinyl fencing professional installation generally costs between $3 and $8 per linear foot.

Benefits of Vinyl Fencing

One of the biggest benefits of vinyl fencing is how little maintenance it requires in order to look great for many years to come. While alternatives like wooden fences might need to be sanded down or repainted every six months, vinyl fences simply need to be hosed down or washed with a simple soap solution. For individuals who want the attractive look or benefits of fencing without the hassle, vinyl fencing is an obvious solution.

Another reason that vinyl stands out among the wide range of fencing materials is because of its average lifespan. Typically, average-quality vinyl fences can last for as many as 10 years. Even in cases when vinyl costs more than other fence varieties initially, homeowners will benefit financially over time when their vinyl fence doesn't need repair or replacement every few years. 

Vinyl Picket Fences

Arguably the most popular variety of vinyl fencing on the market today, the picket-style shape of fence that many homeowners know and love can create instant curb appeal outside of a home. The look is very traditional, but it can be updated with unusual textures or colors if desired. Vinyl picket fences tend to be quite short, which means that they may not provide all of the privacy that residents require. However, this fence style works perfectly for those who want to keep pets in a safe environment, create boundaries between their property and the neighbor's land or show children where they can safely play away from vehicles.

Vinyl Privacy Fences

Unlike vinyl picket fences, which have large gaps between each slat, vinyl privacy fences don't allow users to see through the material. Instead, slats form a solid wall of vinyl that keeps prying eyes out of the yard or home interior. These larger fences can also be a great way to reduce noise for those who live along a busier road or intersection. Vinyl privacy fences may be as high as 6 feet tall or even taller depending on individual preferences. These fences can also have decorative features at the top of the fence; some of the most popular options include:

  • Horizontal patterns
  • Lattice effects
  • Criss-Cross patterns

Choosing Vinyl Fencing Thickness and Hardware

Along with choosing between vinyl picket fences and vinyl privacy fences, buyers should also give some thought to the fencing thickness that best meets their needs as well as the style and durability of the hardware. Some very inexpensive vinyl fencing might seem like a great deal at first, but it could be thin material of sub-par quality. Spending just a little bit more can get buyers vinyl fencing of a more durable thickness. This slight difference can go a long way in preventing damage in strong winds, it can ensure that repairs are needed less often, and it can prevent dents because the vinyl itself is stronger when thicker. In addition, buyers should choose vinyl fencing that includes metal supports at the bottom of each fence post as well as metal hardware. Unstable wooden posts can cause the fence to sway in the wind during storms, so homeowners are better off with stainless steel or galvanized steel hardware, which can prevent the fence from rusting over time. This is especially true in places where rain is frequent or the humidity is high for much of the year.

Vinyl Fence Textures and Colors

The final factor in choosing the right vinyl fence will be the color and texture. While the most popular color is plain white, that is not the only option available. Most suppliers offer a variety of beige, brown and red hues, but specialty providers can also create bolder color choices according to the needs of the buyer. It is also possible to purchase vinyl fencing that looks like it is made from another material entirely; a realistic wood grain fence is a popular option. From a reasonable distance, it looks just like wood, but residents won't have to deal with the maintenance of actual wooden fencing. Other upscale options, budget permitting, include:

  • Faux-granite style
  • Stone style
  • Textured fences
  • Decorative touches on the tops of slats
  • Embellishments on the posts

Homeowners who want to make their property more private or even simply create a clear boundary between properties can benefit from one of the many different styles of vinyl fencing available.

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Last updated on Nov 8, 2018

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