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How Much Do Vinyl Sliding Doors Cost?

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$490 per door Minimum Cost
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How Much Do Vinyl Sliding Doors Cost?

Any home improvement budget must include the cost of doors. When choosing vinyl sliding doors, prices can fluctuate depending on the size of the door, style and the manufacturer. Homeowners should keep in mind that the cost of doors can go up if they need a specialty size, design or pattern incorporated into the door. Vinyl is a great alternative to wood or steel doors. They do not require a lot of maintenance and are an economical choice as part of the construction budget. Here are a few ways vinyl sliding doors can be incorporated into a home design project.

The Costs

  • Average minimum cost of vinyl sliding doors: $490

  • Average maximum cost of vinyl sliding doors: $1,200

Styles and Uses

Sliding vinyl doors are a very popular choice among homeowners who want to accent their patio or backyard area. Their frame profile offers a distinct look that showcases the exterior of the home while providing the security and convenience that homeowners expect. Vinyl has a real advantage over fiberglass and wood because it is easy to care for and priced lower than other types of sliding doors. Homeowners select vinyl sliding doors for a variety of reasons like accenting patios and porches, deck entryways and sunrooms and conservatories entryways. 

Choosing to accent a patio or porch with a vinyl sliding door allows for easy access in and out of the home. Not only does the sliding door provide a way to get in and out, it also provides an elongated view of the backyard area. It also makes entertaining a breeze by creating a large, open space for visitors and guests to transition from indoors to outdoors.

Style options are endless. Some models feature blinds between the glass where light can be controlled with just the touch of a button. This avoids having to purchase extra-large blinds that can be cumbersome and break easily due to excessive use.

Some models have a built-in retractable screen that allows for cross ventilation. This is a great option for homes that wish to improve air quality as well as keep bugs and critters at bay.

Vinyl sliding doors are very energy efficient. Most come with triple-pane glass options that provide an added layer of insulation from the outside elements. This can help improve overall heating bills in the wintertime and keep air conditioning costs minimal during the hot summer months.

Vinyl sliding doors can be used in several locations not just the exterior of the home. Many homeowners use sliding doors to separate a sunroom or conservatory from the rest of the house. This still keeps an open concept design while maintaining energy efficiency throughout the home when the sunroom or conservatory is not being used.

Prices are lower for sliding vinyl doors that are used inside as opposed to those facing the outdoor elements. Homeowners can select from less-insulated glass options to save money and stay on budget.


The biggest cost advantage to having a sliding vinyl door as opposed to a swing style is replacement value. Because most sliding glass doors are made from tempered glass, they are designed to last many years. As opposed to wood doors which may warp or fade, vinyl does not need routine maintenance. This can be a real cost advantage to the homeowner.

Vinyl sliding doors also have their own locking mechanism in them. This provides an added layer of safety for the homeowner.

Most styles have a smooth-seam appearance, allowing them to blend in easily with the exterior and interior of the home. They also come in a variety of colors to match the existing structure.

Many vinyl siding doors have an energy-efficient seal of approval from ENERGY STAR. This allows them to meet or exceed guidelines set forth by the state the homeowner lives in. These models vary but some patio doors, especially those being used as an exterior door, should have the highest star rating. Replacing old, outdated sliding doors with new, vinyl models can bump up the effectiveness of heating and cooling appliances. This will help reduce utility bills over time.

A huge advantage to a vinyl door is that there is minimal upkeep. A simple cleaning solution comprised of mild soap and water can keep the vinyl clean and attractive. Glass can easily be cleaned with commercial glass cleaner or an organic cleaning solution. Unlike wood doors, protective sealants are not required, which is a real cost advantage over time.


The cost of sliding vinyl doors can increase depending on size and style. Professional installation can also cause the price to go up. Other factors that influence price include custom glass and hardware, style and additional construction costs. 

Stained glass options, glass design inlets and translated glass can cause prices to go a few hundred dollars over the base dollar amount. One way to curb these costs and still get a design that meets your needs is to select doors that are floor models or close outs. This option allows homeowners to obtain a quality vinyl sliding door in a style that suits their needs.

Custom hardware, which includes the latches and handles, can raise the costs of the door project. Levers and handles come in a variety of designs and can include locking mechanisms that work at the push of a button. Advanced security locks can also be installed to provide an extensive layer of protection. The hardware can be polished to match the surrounding decor. 

A great deal of construction may be required in order to create a perfect fit for a new door. Because professional installation is recommended, these additional costs should always be factored into the price of the door. This added work can send the project over budget very easily. 

Vinyl sliding doors are a wonderful match to homes with brick or vinyl siding. They provide a stress-free door that is built to withstand substantial wear and tear, multiple temperatures, and weather exposure for a lifetime of use.

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Last updated on Nov 8, 2018

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