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Water Damage Restoration and Repair Costs

Most homeowners spend between $1,214 to $2,254 nationally.
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Water damage can occur at any home and at any time. Unfortunately, the cost of repairing water damage tends to get quite expensive, as it is necessary not only to repair the source of the damage, but to have restoration performed on the property. Otherwise, the water can lead to severe home structure damage, rotting foundation, mold growth, and many other serious problems. For this reason, it is important that home owners immediately call for the help of a professional water damage restoration company, as this will be the best chance of salvaging the home and keeping it from developing long term damage.

National Repair Water Damage Costs

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National Average Cost $2,164
Minimum Cost $150
Maximum Cost $6,000
Average Range $1,214 to $2,254
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Common Sources of Water Damage

There are many situations that may call for water damage restoration. One of the most common examples is that of a leaky roof. Often, home owners do not notice a leak in a roof until the damage gets bad enough that a restoration company is needed. Another common instance where a restoration company may be needed is in the event of a burst pipe, which can happen within the walls of a home and cause serious damage. Flooding is unfortunately another common situation that may cause water damage.

Water Damage Restoration Process

When water damage is identified, a water damage restoration company will start by removing any standing water from the space within the home. This could mean pumping water out from a flooded basement, from inside a wall, or anywhere else. Once the water is pumped out, special dryers will be placed in any remaining damp areas to dry it out as quickly as possible. This is done in an effort to prevent mold growth, which can begin quickly after initial damage. 

Once the area is completely dried out, the restoration company will also check for foundation damage to ensure that the water did not affect the structural integrity of the home. In most cases, so long as a restoration company is called out immediately, foundation damage is not an issue.

Average Costs of Water Damage Restoration

The cost of water damage restoration services can vary greatly depending on the region and the severity of the damage. For example, it is often more expensive to take care of a flooded basement with inches of standing water than it is to take care of the aftermath of a busted pipe. However, a professional water damage restoration technician will need to assess the situation to determine the extent of the problem and to issue an accurate quote. 

In most cases, however, home owners spend between $2,000 and $3,000 on water damage restoration. The good news about this, however, is that most insurance companies will reimburse home owners for these expenses, provided that they have water damage coverage in their policies.

No home owner ever wants to deal with water damage, but this is unfortunately a very common occurrence. Be prepared by knowing the proper steps to take upon discovering water damage on your property and know of a reputable restoration company nearby that you can call if and when that time comes.

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