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How Much Does Wide Plank Hardwood Flooring Cost?

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National Wide Plank Hardwood Flooring Costs

$3.95 per sq. ft. Minimum Cost
$12.83 per sq. ft. Maximum Cost

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How Much Does Wide Plank Hardwood Flooring Cost?

As part of any remodeling or new construction project, flooring options take center stage when it comes to determining the overall cost of the job. When the homeowner chooses hardwood floors for their project, there are countless options available on the market. One popular choice is wide plank hardwood flooring. This type of flooring is called wide plank because it typically has a width of more than 5 inches. The wide width gives it a unique and distinct look that leaves the floor with a rustic and exotic appearance. Wide plank hardwood flooring may be slightly higher in cost per square foot compared to traditional sized hardwood. This is something the project planner should consider prior to creating the final cost analysis.

The Costs 

  • Average minimum cost of wide plank hardwood flooring: $3.95 per square foot

  • Average maximum cost of wide plank hardwood flooring: $12.83 per square foot

Materials and Uses

Homeowners seek out wide plank hardwood flooring because it lends an old world style appearance reminiscent of colonial homes from the 1700s. While the flooring is a showstopper in a colonial-style home, it can be used in anything ranging from a traditional kitchen to a bedroom focal point in an English-inspired Tudor home. Decorating possibilities are endless and wide plank is found in many new construction homes across the U.S. The reason is because the floor comes in countless types and styles—with custom designs that can also be created for the discriminating homeowner.


Hickory hardwood is a common selection for homeowners because of its advanced durability. The wood really withstands heavy traffic areas and abuse. The downfall of hickory is that it can shrink over time—care is emphasized and the floor must have a thick polyurethane coat for long term protection. It is cost-competitive with other similar hardwood floors such as oak and cherry. It bleaches well and is often well sought after for its light colored properties and flawless finish.


Oak is one of the most popular hardwood choices for homeowners. It is readily available and holds up well to being machined before and after it is sold. It holds stains well and is often used for designer woods because it pulls color together nicely.


Birch flooring is not often a popular choice because it is delicate and sometimes hard to find. It can be one of the more expensive types of wide plank floors because it has unique characteristics that appear naturally. It has a combination of natural color tones, varying degree of grain with unique patterns and swirls throughout each piece.


Maple has been a favorite of furniture and wood makers for centuries because of its durable, natural light finish. It has excellent strength properties and is abrasion resistant.


Cherry wood is a popular wide plank hardwood flooring choice. It has a variety of finishes and holds up nicely to machining and nailing. It is a medium-density wood and showcases a rich red color that naturally darkens with age.


Pecan is not a popular choice among homeowners because of its expense. However, the design of the pecan is unique with deep swirls and wavy, irregular grain.


Walnut is a somewhat popular flooring choice. For homeowners who are seeking out a dark wood finish, this is a natural selection. Pricing is mid-range unless it is custom ordered through a lumber or specialty hardwood company.

Other specialty woods are also used in wide-plank flooring selections. They can be distressed or hand scraped with inlaid designs that can easily become the main focal point of the room. Some woods are stained to provide a specified custom look that creates dimension and contrast within the floor. Many homeowners seek out only the best that hardwood art can offer. Wood planks are often faux touched to create antiqued worn and distressed appearances. This can be a huge selling point in homes and greatly increases the property’s overall retail value.

There is a distinction between hardwood floors that are engineered or solid. This can also affect the entire cost. Engineered hardwood wide planks are often engineered or shaped to create a thinner foundation for easier installation. This can reduce shipping and delivery costs tremendously. In some cases, they are engineered with other hardwoods to keep costs lower than solid wood. Solid wood is exactly how it sounds — solid planks of true hardwood without any fillers or veneers.

It is also important to keep in mind the thickness of the wood. This can affect cost as well. Depending on how it's cut, most hardwood floors are generally standard cut at 3/4 inches. They can be engineered to be less thick for budget-minded consumers.

Unless the floor is engineered or a faux flooring, it does not come finished. If it has any type of decorative inlay or design, this will already be done at the manufacturing plant. The flooring will have to be finished with a polyurethane coating resulting in either a medium or low gloss. The homeowner will want to select a lower, clear gloss if aiming to keep the finish from looking more natural. High gloss finishes provide a very shiny finish with a high reflection.

Advantages of Wide Plank Hardwood Flooring

The main advantage of wide plank hardwood flooring is that it provides a natural beauty that will last likely the life of the home. Wide plank floors make for easy care. A daily wet-dry mop is all that is needed for ongoing care. Most hardwood floors are very cost-competitive and can be found in countless flooring and home improvement retail stores worldwide. Making them an easy flooring choice for the weekend warrior with moderate to advanced home improvement experience.

Disadvantages of Wide Plank Hardwood Flooring

There are some disadvantages to wide plank hardwood flooring. The main one is the cost can be high if a specialty wood is requested. Rare woods such as birch can be hard to locate, but they can be purchased for the right price. Installation of hardwood flooring ranges from moderately challenging to extremely difficult depending on the installers experience in flooring construction. The overall budget price can rise if a hardwood installer has to complete the project start to finish.

With the diverse types of wide plank hardwood flooring available on the market, homeowners can find an affordable option that fits their cost-range.

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Last updated on Nov 8, 2018

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