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Additions & Remodels

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Wilsonart Laminate Price Guide

When you first start researching the addition of laminate countertops, it is natural to want to know the cost of those countertops. Quite a few people will ask about pricing before they begin to do any further research about the countertops.

Continue reading to see the ballpark figures that will help you determine if Wilsonart laminate counters are right for you. 

The Costs 

Calculating the cost of Wilsonart Laminate Countertops typically begins with an estimate, or a range, of prices. The most accurate estimate will come from the dealer or other professional from whom you get the countertop. With this understanding, estimates for sheets of laminate, sized either 48 in X 8 feet or 60 in X 10 feet, fall within these ranges:

  • Low range: between $25.00 and $75
  • Mid-range: between $75 and $200
  • High range: over $200, up to about $400

Keep in mind that these prices are for the sheets of laminate and do not include any special features or installation. Once you have this first estimate, you’ll need to compute the price based on additional features and installation.

The price of material is one of the first factors in pricing. Following this, there are at least three other things that can have an impact on price: special features, installation and where you live.

What Is Laminate?

This countertop material is actually made up of brown Kraft paper that has been coated in resin. With high heat and pressure, the different layers are pressed together to form a hard, durable material that is found in many homes and businesses. The layers include a melamine overlay, decoratively patterned paper that creates the look of the laminate and several layers of Kraft paper.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Laminate Countertops

The advantages of using laminate include:

  • Its ease of formation into many shapes
  • The durability of the material
  • Variety of colors and patterns available
  • Resistance to water
  • Are convenient when it comes to cleaning
  • Costs less than other types of countertops, like marble or granite

There are some disadvantages to using laminate. These include the following:

  • Laminate is not as durable as natural stone
  • It is easy to damage with knives and other utensils
  • Laminate is not resistant to heat and can get scorched
  • There are some environmental concerns about the process of creating laminate
  • Laminate can be damaged by high humidity or direct sunlight

In general, laminate is often chosen because it is inexpensive and can be installed by the homeowner. However, in homes with a lot of action, homeowners should be aware of the possibility for damages. Most of these might be avoided with cutting boards or hot pads (in the kitchen) and supervision of heated hair styling devices, like curling irons. It is important to protect a laminate surface because any damage will be difficult to repair. 

Subtypes of Materials: Specialty Options

Of course, the material that you choose for your countertops will have an impact on the cost of your countertops. You can always reduce your cost by choosing a lower-priced material, but you will have to determine where quality meets affordability. Some excellent options include these:

  • Re-cover: This option is used to cover older surfaces. It comes with an adhesive for convenient use and can be applied to store fixtures, cabinetry, doors, and more.
  • Chemsurf: This laminate is resistant to chemicals and harsh cleaners. It is appropriate for those situations with high levels of chemical exposure.
  • High Wear: Busy households or high traffic surfaces can benefit from this laminate. It is especially appropriate for commercial settings and may withstand up to five times the abrasion that most products can handle.
  • Compact: Another answer to high-impact surfaces, this laminate is appropriate for surfaces such as lockers and elevator cabs.
  • Markerboard and Chalkboard: These laminates are solutions for teachers, corporate meeting rooms, or even households where a fun surface is desired. The writing surfaces don’t require the special maintenance that other surfaces might.
  • Solicor: This is a specialty laminate from Wilsonart with a solid color core that creates a smooth and uniform surface.
  • Fire-Rated: This laminate exceeds fire codes and is useful in laboratories without sacrificing an attractive appearance.

Special Features That Make Your Countertop Special

There are some big differences between your basic laminate countertop and a laminate with a special edge. The least expensive countertop is post-formed, and you might be able to find these to buy straight off the shelf from your vendor. The post-formed countertop is molded from one piece of laminate and has a backsplash and rounded front edge. The lack of seams makes this a great choice for clean-up. This option is the least expensive. 

If you want to make your countertop stand out from the neighbors, you might choose a backsplash made from a different material like tile, stone, or another color of laminate. You could also choose different edging for your countertop. Rather than the typical rounded edge, you can get an edge with 180 degrees of rounding, beveled edges, wood edges, or a combination of wood and beveling. While wood edges are attractive, remember that they are more susceptible to moisture damage than laminate.

Installation of Laminate Countertops

Remember that the cost of installation is not figured into the initial cost of laminate countertops. This mistake can put a really damper on your excitement of getting a new kitchen or bathroom if you run out of money just before the countertop gets installed.

If your measurements were accurate, then the installation of the top should go smoothly. You may want to install the countertops yourself if you want to save a lot of money. If you want the installation to go smoothly and quickly, then a reputable installer might be your best option at this point.

Some challenges faced by homeowners during installation include mistakes made when taking measurements, getting the countertop through doorways and into kitchens or around corners into the bathroom, and discovering that the color that looked great in the showroom isn’t the same in the kitchen. (Make sure to place color chips all around the kitchen or bathroom before you settle on a color.)

Location, Location, Location

Prices naturally vary from one community to another. There isn’t much you can do about this, so you might want to just be aware of this price difference. If you have the means of traveling to pick up a laminate countertop that costs significantly less than the same item in your area, then it might be worth your time and travel to do so. However, if you are careful as you work through the other three pricing factors, then this final factor probably won’t influence you too much.

Other Uses

There are some interesting ways to use laminate other than on the countertops. For example, choose a natural stone pattern to use a table runner. You could also consider adding laminate to stair risers for contrast with the rest of the flooring. A carefully chosen laminate could also be used as the back of a bookshelf.

The ultimate cost of a Wilsonart laminate countertop is almost always much less than the cost of solid surfacing, stone, or granite. The laminate countertop fully delivers in the important areas of durability and attractiveness. This makes the laminate countertop a very popular choice for many homeowners across the country.

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