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How Much Do Wilsonart Solid Surface Countertops Cost?

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National Countertops Costs

$38.75 per sq. ft. Minimum Cost
$74.55 per sq. ft. Maximum Cost

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How Much Do Wilsonart Solid Surface Countertops Cost?

Wilsonart solid surface countertops are a type of decorative laminate surface developed as an alternative to pricier materials such as granite. As an engineered material, Wilsonart solid surface counters offer seamless joining when installed by an expert craftsman. Wilsonart solid surface counters are widely used in kitchens as well as for bathroom counters, laundry rooms, and tub and shower surrounds. In the process of thermoforming, matching sheets of the Wilsonart solid surface can be used to create a sculpted or three-dimensional backsplash that is seamless with the countertop. The wide array of styles, colors and patterns as well as other features has made Wilsonart solid surface counters a popular choice in residential remodeling and renovation projects.

Wilsonart Solid Surface Prices

  • The average minimum cost per finished square foot of Wilsonart solid surface countertops is $38.75.
  • The average maximum cost per finished square foot of Wilsonart solid surface countertops is $74.55.

In addition to the cost of the solid surface sheets that become the countertop, homeowners will also need to pay for edging pieces. These cost an average of $14.50 per linear foot. Supplies such as adhesives, wood backing, screws, nuts and bolts add an average of $1.75 per finished square foot of countertop. The average hourly cost of labor for the installation of Wilsonart solid surface countertops is $69.50, which includes a basic installation involving one cutout for a sink, one faucet cutout and up to two seams. More complex configurations or additional cutouts add to the time and labor cost of the project. If the homeowner wants a matching backsplash added to the counter, this will add to the supplies and labor cost for the finished project.


Wilsonart solid surface countertops are produced with an acrylic resin mixed with powdered bauxite filler and pigments. This material is heated to cure it, and it is poured into sheets to solidify. It can also be injected into a mold to produce custom sheets with sculpted edges or attached backsplashes. The solidified formed sheets can be cut into simple or complex configurations to create counters in an L shape, U shape and more.


Wilsonart solid surface countertops come in many types of finishes. Not all finishes are available for every color or pattern style in the product line. Each of the finishes offers unique features as well as pros and cons, depending on the look and function the homeowner desires. The four primary types of Wilsonart solid surface countertops include:

  • Matte countertops. This finish may be described as dull or flat. It is a low sheen and features low reflectivity. It requires minimal maintenance and is recommended for high-traffic and heavy-use areas.
  • Satin countertops. This finish is glossier than matte and offers a low to medium sheen and level of reflectivity. It requires somewhat more maintenance than a matte finish, so that fingerprints and smudges are not noticeable.
  • Semi-gloss countertops. This medium to high sheen and reflectivity surface requires more maintenance. Homeowners may need to contact certified installers for routine and special maintenance needs. This finish is not suggested by the manufacturer for use in heavy-traffic areas of the home.
  • Gloss countertops. This finish is the least commonly used for kitchen counters. Wilsonart recommends it for use on vertical surfaces only. It requires special maintenance by a factory certified provider.


Wilsonart does not grade their solid surface countertops. However, the company does provide the product in two thicknesses, including .25 inch and .5 inch. Wilsonart also offers a wide range of color groups and product lines. These groupings include particulates and solid colors. The particulate design group mimics the look of natural quartz and granite. It comes in a range of colors from mostly white with flecks of color to mostly black with flecks of color. The solid color groupings of Wilsonart solid surface countertops include neutrals such as white and almond as well as brighter colors such as purple, gold and orange. In addition, the company offers a range of edging options including:

  • Standard. This flat edge is flush with the backing material. It is ideal for areas with high traffic. This finish requires a minimal level of maintenance.
  • Premium. These finishes can be sculpted into a curve or streamlined edge. It can be made with curved corners or rounded edges. This finish also includes satin and semi-gloss edges. It requires more maintenance than standard edges.
  • High-definition edges. This professional finish involves cutting-edge technology to produce intricate designs for the edges of the countertops. It requires professional maintenance to maintain the high-quality look.


Wilsonart's solid surface countertops are a patented product. The process and materials used in these solid surface counters are similar to those of other manufacturers. Wilsonart solid surface counters are a direct competitor of brands such as Formica, Corian and LivingStone. Wilsonart's solid surface counters are unique in that they use some recycled content in the production of the resins used in the sheets during the manufacturing process.

Advantages of Wilsonart Solid Surface Countertops

The primary advantage of Wilsonart solid surface countertops is their affordability. They provide the look of granite or quartz at a much lower cost. The matte finish is easy to maintain and does not show stains or fingerprints. Wilsonart solid surface counters can be refinished if scratched. The color and pattern are consistent throughout the thickness of the product, so if a scratch is sanded out, the surface will look fine. The matte finish can be cleaned with common household cleaners. The satin finish requires a gentler cleanser but can still be accomplished by the homeowner.

Disadvantages of Wilsonart Solid Surface Countertops

The semi-gloss and gloss finishes of Wilsonart solid surface counters require regular professional maintenance in order to maintain their appearance. Solid surface counters are not resistant to heat and may scorch when a hot item is placed on them. These counters are easily scratched if food is chopped on the surface. Abrasive cleaners may also scratch the surface.

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Last updated on Nov 8, 2018

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