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How Much Does It Cost To Repair Blinds?

Most homeowners spend between $85 to $115 nationally.
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Due to their incredible versatility and such a wide assortment of available styles and colors, it's not surprising that blinds are the most popular type of window treatment. However, as with all home design products, blinds are not immune to wear and tear. Fortunately, replacement isn't always the answer. Professional or DIY repair is easy with the proper supplies. This informative guide offers information about blind repair costs and the steps required for a DIY project. Not up to the task? Connect with local window professionals for quick blind repair.

National Repair Blinds Costs

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National Average Cost $116
Minimum Cost $52
Maximum Cost $300
Average Range $85 to $115
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Table of Contents

  1. Blind Repair Cost 
  2. Blind Repair Vs. Blind Replacement
  3. Blind Replacement Cost
  4. Common Problems With Window Blinds
  5. Common Solutions For Blind Repairs
  6. How To Save Money On Blind Repairs
  7. Advantages Of Window Blind Repairs
  8. DIY Or Hire A Pro?
  9. Blind Repair Parts
  10. How To Repair Vertical Blinds
  11. Find A Pro

Blind Repair Cost

On average, homeowners spend between $75 and $170 on professional window blind repair. This is sometimes significantly less than the cost of blind replacement. The expenses for blind repair include the materials needed to complete the work and the associated labor costs. Having repairs made promptly helps keep costs down by preventing further damage.

Blind Repair Vs. Blind Replacement

Whether to have blinds repaired or replaced depends on the extent of damage and the price of the original product. For inexpensive blinds, replacement is sometimes more cost effective than repair. To determine the best option, it may be easiest to consult with a local window professional.

Blind Replacement Cost

Blind Replacement Cost

When window blinds become too damaged, it is often more cost effective to replace them. Materials used to manufacture blinds include aluminum, vinyl, faux wood and wood. Faux wood blinds are typically made from a mix of PVC and vinyl or a composite wood amalgamate. When it comes to cost, vinyl and aluminum blinds are the least expensive, faux-wood products fall somewhere in the middle and wooden blinds fetch the highest prices. Depending on the type of blind and the size of the window, purchasing new blinds may cost from $10 to $1000.

A number of additional factors affect costs for blind replacement. These include:

  • Whether the job requires professional installation
  • Whether costs include removal of old blinds
  • Whether blinds are custom-made or department store products

Common Problems With Window Blinds

When it comes to blind damage, the most common problem is bent or broken slats. The string that holds slats together also breaks occasionally and may require replacement. Additional problems include damaged valance clips and worn out motors that operate electric blinds.

Common Problems With Window Blinds

Common Solutions For Blind Repairs

Many homeowners prefer to hire a professional for blind repair, but some opt for a DIY project. A few common solutions help make some types of blind repair quick and easy.

Slat Replacement 

To replace a slat, follow these instructions:

  1. Purchase replacement slats in the appropriate size, style and color.
  2. Remove the plugs found along the bottom rail of the window blind.
  3. Locate the lift cord and undo the knot in it.
  4. Pull the cord out from the slats in the blind until you reach the bent or broken slat. Slide out the broken slat and replace it with the new one.
  5. Working downward, restring the lift cord through the slats, alternating it from left to right on each rung.
  6. Thread the lift cord through the bottom rail, re-knot it and replace the plugs.

Valance Clip Replacement

A valance is a decorative piece made from fabric or wood that covers the top of the window blind. Special clips keep valances in place, and they sometimes get broken. When replacing a valance clip, make sure to get the correct style and size.

  1. To remove the valance, push the bottom of the valance clip and twist the valance away from the headrail.
  2. To pry off the valance clip, place a finger underneath the back of the headrail and lift.
  3. Slide a new clip onto the headrail. Depending on the style, connect it to a mount or channel on the back of the valance.
  4. Attach the valance to the headrail.

Common Solutions For Blind Repairs

How To Save Money On Blind Repairs

Before paying for blind repair, you should determine if your blinds are still under warranty. Many window products are covered for particular types of damage over a certain period of time, and if your blinds are still under warranty, this might be the most cost-effective method of repairing or replacing the broken component.

The best way to save money on professional blind repair is to get written estimates from a number of different companies. It’s important to read online reviews to ensure that companies have a solid reputation and provide quality work. When hiring a company, ask for a signed contract with a description of the work involved and a timeline for completion. To save money on DIY repairs, do a thorough price comparison when shopping for parts.

Advantages Of Window Blind Repairs

The biggest advantage to repairing window blinds is cost. If blinds are lightly damaged and don't require too many parts, repair often trumps replacement in terms of expense. Repair also makes a good choice for custom-made blinds, which are often very expensive to replace.

DIY Or Hire A Pro?

Some blind problems are easy DIY fixes, and others benefit from professional repair. Most homeowners can replace a broken valance clip within a matter of minutes, but replacement of slats and strings may require more time and expertise.

Blind Repair Parts

Parts needed for a window blind repair project might include: vertical or horizontal slats, replacement tabs, tilt mechanisms, brackets, cord locks, valance clips and strings. The more parts needed, the more expensive the job. Because blinds come in an array of styles, the costs for slat replacement vary. For instance, wooden slats are significantly more expensive than metal or vinyl slats simply because they are a costlier material.

How To Save Money On Blind Repairs

How To Repair Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds require a very different repair process than horizontal blinds. Made of fabric, wood or vinyl, vertical blinds have panels (or vanes) that pull from one side of the window to the other and tilt open and closed with a wand. Common repairs include fixing a damaged vane hole and vane realignment.

Fixing A Vane Hole

Vertical blind vanes feature holes at the top for hanging. When the thin strip of plastic at the top of the hole breaks, the vane doesn't hang properly. There's an easy fix for this. Just tape a toothpick or paperclip in place of the plastic strip, and rehang the vane.

Vane Realignment

When a vertical vane doesn't close properly, it is out of alignment. Fortunately, repair for this problem is simple.

  1. Grasp the chain and steadily pull the blinds all the way closed. When completely closed, give the chain a strong tug until you hear a sound like grinding gears.
  2. Pull the chain in the other direction until you can't pull any further. This process should realign the vanes. Open and close blinds a few times to ensure proper closure and smooth function.

Find A Pro

With a variety of beautiful styles and colors, window blinds make an attractive addition to any home. To keep them working properly, make sure blinds stay in tip-top condition. If you are in need of a local blind repair professional, ImproveNet can help you get started in your search today. 

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