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Window Installation Price Guide

Most homeowners spend between $3,207 to $5,253 nationally.
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When it comes to windows, variety is the name of the game. Whether it’s bay, hung, wood, vinyl or more, when it comes to new windows, you have an abundance of options. As such, the average window installation cost can vary quite a bit.

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National Average Cost $4,516
Minimum Cost $70
Maximum Cost $11,116
Average Range $3,207 to $5,253
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Table of Contents

  1. Window Installation Cost
  2. Widow Installation Price Factors
  3. How To Decrease Your New Window Cost
  4. Window Material Costs
  5. Window Replacement Advantages
  6. Window Replacement Disadvantages
  7. Window Types
  8. Window Styles
  9. Window Maintenance Costs
  10. DIY Or Hire A Pro?
  11. Find A Pro

Window Installation Cost

The average window installation cost is $4,400. This assumes you’re adding or replacing between 5-10 windows. As you may expect, the more windows you add, the higher your cost will be. We have seen single window installations cost as little as $1,200 and 10+ window projects cost as much as $20,000.

Assuming you’re not replacing all the windows in your home, expect to pay between $3,100 and $5,100.

Widow Installation Price Factors

Widow Installation Price Factors

As evident by the price range above, there are plenty of factors that can increase or decease the cost of new windows. Luckily, you have some control and decision over every factor. Therefore, you should know more about each before you add new windows.

Type of Window 

For starters, the type of window chosen is a big contributor to its cost. Storm windows and double hung windows, for example, are known to be more expensive because they provide extra insulation. However, they can also save you in energy costs down the road, making these popular options for new window installation. 

Single pane windows such as casement windows and picture windows, on the other hand, are known to be more affordable. Most homeowners end up going with a combination of different window types, and the average cost per window typically works out to be somewhere between $180 and $500 each. 

We will get more into individual window type costs below.

Number of Windows Installed 

Since windows are generally priced individually, the number of windows you install can also affect the overall price. For this reason, many homeowners on a budget tend to replace windows a few at a time as opposed to trying to replace them all at once. Still, many window installation companies offer special deals to homeowners who opt for entire window replacement.

Window Frames

In terms of window frames, you have the option of vinyl, wood and aluminum, but wood is almost always more expensive. Yes, it gives the home more of a traditional or rustic touch, but that updated design never comes without a price. Vinyl is a cheaper option.

Window Installation Company

Most homeowners hire local, reliable window contractors to install or replace their windows. However, most companies will not charge the same for their labor and expertise. Therefore, homeowners looking to get the best deal on their home window installation should shop around and call different window companies in their areas to request quotes. Most reputable window companies will be happy to issue a free, no-obligation quote to homeowners who are serious about having work done.

Location & Time 

Some of us live in more remote areas and some of us need new windows immediately. No matter where you live or how rushed your project may be, both will affect your window installation price.

If you window installer has to travel farther to the home, they may charge more for labor. If your window installer has been in business for over 10 years, they may charge more for their expertise. If you need new windows right away, they may charge more for a rushed project. 

Overall, all the preceding reasons show that it’s imperative to get multiple window quotes.

How To Decrease Your New Window Cost

How To Decrease Your New Window Cost

If price is your primary concern, there are ways to lower your overall window cost. First off, go with energy-efficient windows. The upfront cost is more than traditional windows, but the long-term savings in heating, AC and insulation will undoubtedly make up for it.

Touched on earlier, there are a few window types that are more expensive than others. Storm windows, double hung and bay windows are known to be more expensive because they provide extra insulation. Single pane windows, such as casement windows and picture windows, on the other hand, are known to be more affordable. As you can see in other homes around the neighborhood, most homeowners go with a healthy mix of all.

Another terrific way to save money on your window installation is by replacing or installing only a few windows at a time. Many companies charge on a per window basis, but some offer discounts for bulk installations. Still, the overall price will be more if you choose to replace all your windows at once compared to just a few. 

In terms of window sizes, larger windows are better than multiple smaller windows. The fewer windows they have to install, usually regardless of size, the cheaper the project will be. Also, the amount of glass you install plays a role. The more glass you have per frame, the less it costs per square foot.

Window Material Costs

While most homeowners hire pros to install new windows, others like to DIY. But, with all the options available, both in terms of material and style, the choices can get overwhelming. While we can’t tell you what design is best for your home, we can tell the material costs for the most popular windows on the market:

Window Treatment Costs

Window Material Costs

Window Replacement Advantages

After looking at all the costs above, you may be second-guessing your window replacement project. Fortunately, there are plenty of benefits that come with almost any window installation project.

First and foremost, you’re surely improving yours home insulation. Windows are not only much stronger today than they were 10 years ago, but they are also more energy efficient. Both factors lower your utility bills and increase your resale value.

New windows also, more often than not, improve the aesthetics of the home. Many homeowners get tired of their old window design, whether from the inside or out, and want a fresh upgrade. New window installation gives you that opportunity.

Next, new windows are tough, so they’re a natural noise reduction. If you live on busy street, new windows will undoubtedly make a difference. And finally, new windows are safer for you and your family. Since newer windows are stronger, they provide an extra barrier to unwanted intruders. That reason alone should encourage you to install new windows.

Window Replacement Disadvantages

Of course, there are some drawbacks as well, the primary of which revolves around price. Window installation is not cheap, especially if you’re replacing more than five windows. You may save in energy costs down the line, but the upfront cost can get hefty.

Next, installation time is not quick. The project shouldn’t take as long as a major bathroom or kitchen remodel, but it’s not as easy fixing or adding a sink. Therefore, expect pros in and around your house for about a week, depending on how many windows you’re installing.

Finally, depending on the type of windows you install, new windows usually require more maintenance. Just like a new car, you want to make your investment worth it, so make sure you care for it as much as possible.

Window Replacement Advantages

Window Types

Mentioned time and time again, the type of window will play a big role in your overall window installation cost. You already saw some of the costs above, but in general, it pays to know the ins and outs of all window types:

  1. Wood: This is the most popular window frame material. While it provides better insulation than metal, wood can rot from extensive weather. You can paint wood windows, but none of these pros come without a higher cost.
  2. Aluminum: Of course, metal window frames are tough and stronger than wood. They tend to let in more cold air, but you can add plastic strips to reduce heat loss. You have to watch for corrosion, just like rot with wood windows.
  3. Fiberglass: This material is strong, maintenance-free and energy efficient. They can be painted and are usually less expensive than vinyl or wood windows.
  4. Vinyl: This window frame material is half the price of wood windows. Unlike metal, they can fit any window opening, making them quite popular for window replacements. However, you will have to replace vinyl more often than wood or metal.
  5. Storm Windows: These windows provide the best insulation and drastically reduce street noise. If your city sees extreme weather, it pays to install storm windows.

Window Styles

Perhaps more entertaining than choosing the window type is selecting a window style. More often than not, the style will depend on the window location, but fortunately, you can install almost any window in any location. Before you make your final window decision, you must know the following window styles:

  1. Picture Windows: These windows act as a piece of art, but the portrait is the outdoor. They are usually one big square or rectangle. They can’t open, but are usually cheaper than the other options mentioned below.
  2. Casement Windows: This window style is quite popular in bedrooms and dining rooms. They are typically rectangular in shape and open outward with  crank or handle. Casement windows also fall on the cheaper end of the window spectrum.
  3. Hung Windows: These windows open vertically and are the most popular window style. They are very common in smaller rooms because they don’t take up any extra room when opened. If you can spend a little more, you can install double hung windows where the top and bottom can open.
  4. Slider Windows: For easy use, slider windows slide open horizontally. They provide good air circulation and are ideal around patios or hallways.
  5. Awning Windows: This window style is fully attached at the top and opens out from the bottom. The awning protects the inside from rain or snow. They are great in bathrooms or leading out to patios.
  6. Bay & Bow Windows: The most expensive window style is bay and bow windows. They are formed when three or four windows come together to form a beautiful curve from the home. You can form bay and bow windows from a combination of window styles above.

Window Styles

Window Maintenance Costs

If you buy a quality window and have it installed by a reliable, window contractor, your window should last for years, if not decades. Of course, there are some maintenance items you have to consider for any window installation. Some are as basic as cleaning or adding insulation, but others are a bit more advanced.

  • Cleaning: You should clean your windows once a month. After all, you bought a picture window to see the outside world. You might as well make sure there is no dirt in your way. Cleaning should not cost more than $10.
  • Adding Insulation: Every August, check all your windows and make sure no air is coming through. If so, you may have to add some caulk. If you DIY, adding caulk should not cost more than $50.
  • Replacing Hardware: More often than not, you don’t have to replace your window hardware, but many do to achieve a new window design. Luckily, replacing window hardware is only $100 if you hire a pro.
  • Repairing the Seal: If you have a foggy window, chances are, you need a new seal. This cost should not exceed $150.
  • Replacing the Glass: Broken glass does not mean you need a whole new window. If the frame is in tact, a new piece of glass and installation should not cost more than $200. This is half the price of a new widow frame.

DIY Or Hire A Pro?

Installing a new window or replacing your old windows is not as hard as HVAC or roof installation, but it’s not as easy as adding caulk to replacing your backsplash. Experienced DIYers give it a go on their own, but if you haven’t installed a window before, you’re better off leaving it to the pros.

When it comes to finding a qualified window pro, ask for multiple recommendations and read online reviews before you choose a window installation company. Also, look for deals throughout the year and ask for discounts if you’re installing more than three windows at once.

Find A Pro

Overall, installing new windows can be costly, but the good news is that new windows should last for decades to come. Furthermore, newer and better-insulated windows can essentially pay for themselves over time in saved energy costs.

If you’re looking to have new windows installed now or in the near future, let ImproveNet connect you with up to four window companies near you!

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