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How Much Does it Cost for a Home Window Repair?

Most homeowners spend between $184 to $313 nationally.
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In just about every house, apartment or residence of any kind, windows are a staple. Unfortunately, glass panes can be vulnerable to damage. Even windows that don't break can become damaged around the frame, or they may need to be repaired or replaced in order to increase insulation in the room. Either way, window repair is not a job that everyday homeowners can tackle on their own. Hiring professional window teams is typically the best option, but it comes at a cost. Discover how much, on average, it costs to repair a home window.

National Repair Windows Costs

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National Average Cost $307
Minimum Cost $54
Maximum Cost $978
Average Range $184 to $313
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Average Cost of Professional Window Repair

If you encounter any kind of significant window damage, one of the first things you might wonder is how much the repair is going to cost. Unfortunately, the price will depend on a number of factors, such as the extent of the damage, the prices charged in your area and whether the professional window repair person will need to come for one job or several. If you simply want an estimate range to work with, however, expect the cost of home window repair to run between $289 and $413.

Repairing or Replacing Window Hardware

One of the easiest fixes, as well as the cheapest, is repairing or replacing the hardware portion of the window. Damage occurs when the window starts to stick, making it difficult to open or close and causing the hinges make noise or the latches break. While repair is a possibility, most professionals will simply replace the offending hardware in minutes, which means that your total expense could be as little as $100.

Repairing a Window's Broken Seal

One of the most common types of damage for windows is a broken seal, which you can recognize from a fogginess on the glass that never goes away. While many think that this is a sign that replacement is necessary, professionals can actually reseal the window and get rid of the trapped moisture in as little as two hours.

Cracked or Chipped Glass

Having a chipped or cracked glass pane in your window generally means that replacement is necessary. Otherwise, you won't be properly insulating your home, and you might notice rising energy costs over time. Thankfully, just the glass needs to be replaced rather than the entire window. Expect it to take professionals between two and three hours to complete.

Other Factors That Can Influence The Cost of Repair

The cost of window repair can vary substantially, and the exact price you pay can depend on the material of your frame, the age of the windows and the number of windows that need to be repaired. Vinyl and aluminum windows, for example, are generally easier and more affordable to repair than their wood counterparts. 

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