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How Much Is A Wooden Garage Door?

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National Wooden Garage Door Costs

$1,300 Minimum Cost
$5,800 Maximum Cost

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How Much Is A Wooden Garage Door?

All garage doors serve the same purpose, but wooden garage doors are a unique option that easily stands out among its competitors. The garage door is increasingly becoming the focal point of a home's exterior. As such, even though wooden garage doors prices are more, their ample benefits make it a perfect addition to any home.

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Table of Contents

  1. Wooden Garage Doors Prices
  2. Wood Garage Door Cost Comparison
  3. Wooden Garage Door Options & Costs
  4. Wooden Garage Door Styles & Costs
  5. Wood Garage Doors Prices FAQs
  6. Wood Garage Door Manufacturers
  7. Other Garage Door Project Costs
  8. Wood Garage Doors Advantages
  9. Wood Garage Doors Disadvantages
  10. Wooden Garage Door Maintenance
  11. Find A Garage Door Contractor

Wooden Garage Doors Prices

Garage Door Expense

Minimum Cost

Maximum Cost

Single Wood Garage Door



Double Wood Garage Doors



Garage Door Mounting Hardware, Paint or Sealant



Garage Door Opener Installation












Wood garage door prices vary greatly by project. As you might expect, installing double garage doors is more expensive than a single door. After all, double doors require double materials and more time to install. Beyond materials, most homeowners hire a garage door contractor to install their new wooden doors. Labor costs for garage door installation falls between $200 and $500. Finally, the other necessary expense will be hardware. To ensure the garage works, your contractor needs various parts, which usually range from $100 to $300.

Beyond all costs above, you have the option for certain add-ons with all wooden garage door installations. First and foremost is the size. Homes are built with two-car, three-car or even larger garages. Wood garage doors are available in standard, mass produced varieties or custom-built to a homeowner's specifications. Of course, more customizations increase the final wooden garage price.

Furthermore, other homeowners paint their wood garage doors and add insulation. Painting adds a few hundreds dollars, while garage door insulation costs between $100 and $500.

Finally, if you choose to install a garage door opener, expect to pay roughly $300.

Wood Garage Door Cost Comparison

Wood Garage Door Cost Comparison

Wood is certainly the most attractive garage door option, but there are other materials on the market. To make an informed garage door decision, you must know the average costs of all.

Note: All prices below are for materials only. Labor costs are not included.

Garage Door Material

Minimum Cost

Maximum Cost

Steel Garage Doors



Aluminum Garage Doors



Fiberglass Garage Doors



Composite Wood Garage Doors



Wood Garage Doors



Wooden Garage Door Options & Costs

The garage door type is only step one in your buying journey. You also have to decide what type of wood you want. Wood garage doors can be created out of nearly any hardwood or out of a softer wood, as long as the wood is properly sealed with polyurethane to protect it from exposure to weather and sunlight.

The most common types of wood used to create wood garage doors include:

  • Cedar Garage Doors: Cedar resists moisture, rot, decay and insects. It must be stained, but it naturally comes in white and red. You’ll have to seal cedar garage doors as part of the maintenance schedule.
  • Plywood Garage Doors: This thin type of wood is the most affordable option on the market. You’ll most likely have to insulate plywood garage doors to ensure your car is not affected by the weather.
  • Red Oak Garage Doors: One step up the cost chain from plywood is Oak. Red Oak is a very hard and heavy wood that resists impacts and shock well. It has a prominent grain pattern that offers visual appeal. It readily accepts wood stains and is light red to brownish red in color.
  • White Oak Garage Doors: This type of wood is also hard and dense. It ranges in color from white to light brown. It accepts wood stains well and is highly durable.
  • Alder Garage Doors: Not well known like Oak, this wood features plentiful knots and a uniform color that can range from reddish brown to a honey or golden brown. This type of wood readily accepts stains. It offers a rustic look that would meld well with a log cabin style home or a home on a wooded lot. Prices are similar to Oak.
  • Spanish Cedar Garage Doors: This type of wood is highly resistant to decay, insects and rot. It has the appearance of mahogany and has a rich smell.
  • Mahogany Garage Doors: This type of wood is visually appealing and features an interesting texture. Its natural color ranges from light beige to dark, rich red. It’s a medium strength wood and has a moderate natural resistance to decay and infestation. Very few species of wood look more distinct and natural than Mahogany.
  • Redwood Garage Doors: Redwood is usually the most expensive type of wooden garage door. You can paint, stain or do whatever you wish with Redwood garages. They come with multiple layers, which helps reduce damage.

Wooden Garage Door Options & Costs

Wooden Garage Door Styles & Costs

The final decision you’ll have to make before your install or replace your wooden garage doors is style. While the type of wood will largely determine the color, the style determines the layout, density, design, amenities and other characteristics that greatly influence your curb appeal.

Homeowners can select from sub-types of wood garage doors such as:

  • Solid Panel: This is a flat panel style with no additional details. If you want to keep your wooden garage door price down, choose solid panels.
  • Raised Panel: Shapes are carved into the door to create visual interest. If you want to add a bit of character and are willing to spend a bit more, raised panels are ideal.
  • Carriage Style: Some of the most attractive garage doors in the country follow the carriage style. These wood doors offer a timeless design you won’t often find in urban cities. They are durable and offer an exquisite touch by opening outwards instead of rolling up.
  • Wood with Windows: Finally, if you really want to impress your guests with a gorgeous wooden garage, consider adding windows along the top of the door. Even though it’s the most expensive wooden garage door style, most homeowners agree that the cost was well worth the superior design.

Wood Garage Doors Prices FAQs

How much is A Wooden Garage Door?

A wooden garage door costs between $1,300 and $2,900. This price does not include installation.

How much is a New Garage Door?

Most homeowners spend between $770 and $2,500 to have a garage door professionally installed.

How much Does it Cost to Replace Garage Door Panels?

Most homeowners spend between $200 and $400 to replace garage door panels.

How much are Garage Door Rollers?

Garage door rollers are cheap, usually priced between $6 and $30.

How much is A Two Car Garage Door?

Double garage doors cost between $1,500 and $5,800. This price does not include installation.

Wooden Garage Door Styles & Costs

Wood Garage Door Manufacturers

As said earlier, most homeowners hire a garage door contractor to install their new wooden garage doors. In fact, many manufacturers will only sell their garage doors to professionals. Luckily, if you’re ready for a DIY challenge and want to install your garage door on your own, other brands are widely available through home improvement centers, hardware stores and garage door installation companies.

Some of the most common brands of garage doors include:

  1. Amarr
  2. Architectural Garage Door Mfg., Inc.
  3. Artisan Custom Doorworks
  4. Carriage House Door
  5. H.I. Overhead Doors
  6. Clingerman Builders
  7. Clopay Building Products
  8. Delden
  9. Designer Doors
  10. DoorTech Industries, Inc.
  11. General Doors Corporation
  12. Jeld-Wen, Inc.
  13. Laforge Doors
  14. Overhead Door Corporation
  15. Raynor
  16. Safe-Way Door Mfg.
  17. Summit Door
  18. Wayne-Dalton Garage Doors

No matter what brand you go with, the garage door material cost will largely depend on the size of your garage door and type of wood chosen.

Other Garage Door Project Costs

Beyond the garage door, there are plenty of other garage and garage door costs you should be aware of before you install wood garage doors. If you plan on doing any of the following garage tasks, in addition to your wood garage door replacement, you better know the costs before jumping in.

Garage Door Project Costs

Wood Garage Doors Advantages

Costs and designs are only the beginning. There are numerous advantages that come with all wood or even wood-looking garage doors. Understanding the benefits will surely aid in your garage door buying decision.

The biggest perk of wood garage doors is that they can be customized to fit your home and/or style. The doors can be designed with special shapes and sizes. You can choose to keep the wood its natural color or select a stain for the wood. The various styles of wood doors allow homeowners to select an option that suits your home and neighborhood.

Also, wood is an insulator and absorbs sound well, which can help reduce neighborhood noise pollution. Wood is also energy efficient and can help to lower heating and cooling costs in garages that are connected to the home's HVAC system.

A unique feature of wood garage doors is that they can be customized to work with non-level garage floors, including those built into a hillside or curve. A wood garage door will not crack or dent like garage doors made from steel, vinyl or aluminum.

Finally, homeowners can select a manufacturer that uses sustainable sources for the wood for an environmentally-friendly choice.

Wood Garage Doors Disadvantages

Although wood garage doors are very appealing, there are some drawbacks.

Wood garage doors require TLC. Without proper maintenance, the wood may crack, warp or fade. Furthermore, insects and vermin can chew through a wood door, unlike steel or aluminum.

Wood doors can be very heavy. Due to the heft of a wood garage door, specialty springs and openers are needed to operate the door and these systems cost more. Homeowners may also have a difficult time manually operating a wood garage door due to the weight of the wood.

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Wooden Garage Door Maintenance

One of the slight negatives to wood garage doors is maintenance. If you want your garage door to last, you have to keep close tabs inside and outside the garage door. To ensure you don’t have to pay for a garage door replacement any time soon, we highly recommend you complete the following items once a year:

  1. Look for Rot, Rust or Cracks: Water can ruin a wooden garage door. Take a screwdriver and poke along the bottom of the door and along the trim. If your screwdriver goes through, you have rot that must be repaired. Also, look at the door when closed to see if it’s level with the ground.
  2. Check for Pests: Termites can also be an issue with wood garage doors. If you see more than few bugs, beetles or termites, you may want to consider calling a pest control company.
  3. Refinish Garage Door: If your garage is looking worn, you may need to apply a new finish or seal it. Additionally, if you ever wanted to change the color of your garage, now would be the time to do so.
  4. Check Hardware: Manually raise your garage door. If it doesn’t stay open, there could be a problem. Make sure the door rollers are lubricated. Also, listen if the door is making louder noise than usual. Scraping and screeching are not normal. Make sure all screws are tightened before calling a contractor.

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Wood garage doors are experiencing a resurgence as homeowners seek a customizable and classic look for their garage. Despite the higher price, their durability and superior design make them a staple in neighborhoods around the country.

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Last updated on Nov 8, 2018

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