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Cost of Wood Shingle Siding

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National Siding Costs

$2,500 Minimum Cost
$13,000 Maximum Cost

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Cost of Wood Shingle Siding

Wood shingle siding gives the look of old, rustic architecture and can be a green, earth-friendly option. Wood shingle siding is generally associated with the American Dream and given its classic feel, we can see why. Beware that costs for installation of wood shingle siding vary depending on factors such as the size of the house and the location.

The Costs 

Per 2,000 square feet:

  • Average maximum cost: $13,000

  • Average minimum cost: $2,500

  • Average cost: $7,200

  • Average range: $7,000 to $11,100


Wood shingle siding is one of the major sub-types of wood siding. Other siding types include clapboard, drop siding, sheets and vertical boards. Most wood shingle siding is made out of cedar but can be made out of other types as well. The siding is usually cut by a machine to give the shingles a smooth and uniform look. Prefinished shingles can be purchased in a variety of styles and colors, but professional installers often try to match the original wood grain of the house. Shingles are typically installed in an overlapping manner over another solid surface such as plywood and are kept well above the ground as shingle siding's worst enemy is moisture. Mildew repellent is often recommended on wood shingle siding and maintenance should include an oil stain every three years or so.


Probably the biggest advantage to wood shingle siding is the look. Cedar shingle siding is a classic American look that blends well with natural surroundings such as woodlands and waterfronts. The siding usually costs less than other types of siding and is low maintenance if properly and consistently maintained. There are several different and effective ways to ward off some of the siding's main disadvantages. If the wood siding is properly maintained, it can easily last up to 20 years, and shingle siding is less maintenance than clapboard siding.


Wood shingle siding has a variety of natural enemies that could put it at a disadvantage compared to other siding types. Wood siding is affected negatively by moisture, and if not properly maintained, this can cause it to grow algae and mold fairly quickly. Wood shingle siding is also susceptible to wind damage, rot from moisture or insects, warping, cracking, curling, fading and splintering. Loose shingles can also be an issue as the siding ages. Wood siding should be stained every three years and painted every six years. Mildew repellents are also important if the house is located in an area with a lot of moisture.

Other Costs

Replacing old and worn siding is one of the better return-on-investment renovations that a homeowner can make. It is important for homeowners to consider whether they're planning to stay in the house for a long period of time or have intentions to sell it. Siding with significant problems can show up negatively on an inspection report and reduce or halt the sale of a house. These factors should be added up against the cost of siding. The cost of installing wood shingle siding depends on many of the same factors as other types of siding. Location and size of the house are the primary factors. Secondary costs of wood shingle siding are mostly maintenance related. Wood siding of all types requires continuous maintenance to protect it from mostly weather-related damage. Most of this maintenance is fairly easy to DIY, although it does require a fair amount of time. On the other hand, having maintenance such as painting and caulking or even regular washing can turn into ongoing costs. Areas with plenty of moisture and severe weather can make these tasks even bigger. It is important to consider maintenance costs of wood shingle siding along with installation costs compared to other types of siding.

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Last updated on Nov 7, 2018

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